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fruit Dairy

Butter Clarified
Butter L'Escure Rolls
Butter Portions Size 7
Butter Salted
Butter Unsalted
Cheese Boccacini
Cheese Brie Cornish
Cheese Brie Wheel
Cheese Buffalo Mozzarella Balls
Cheese Camembert Rustique
Cheese Cheddar Grated
Cheese Cheddar Mature Block
Cheese Cheddar Mild Block
Cheese Cottage
Cheese Cream
Cheese Dolcelatte
Cheese Edam Ball
Cheese Emmenthal
Cheese Feta
Cheese German Smoked Log
Cheese Gorgonzola
Cheese Gruyere
Cheese Hallumi
Cheese Manchego
Cheese Mascapone
Cheese Mozzarella Block
Cheese Mozzarella Grated
Cheese Parmesan Flakes
Cheese Parmesan Fresh Grated
Cheese Parmesan Grandapadano
Cheese Philadelphia
Cheese Port Salut
Cheese Red Leicester Block
Cheese Ricotta
Cheese Roquefort
Cheese Stilton Baby Blue
Cheese Stilton Wedge
Cream Cornish Clotted
Cream Single
Cream Sour
Cream Whipping
Creme Fraiche
Double Cream
Egg Whites Pasteurised
Egg Yolk Pasteurised
Eggs Free Range Medium
Eggs Quails
Eggs-Lion Marked and Date Stamped
Fromage Frais
GoatsCheese Log
Milk Carton 1/3 Pint
Milk Organic Full Fat
Milk Organic Semi-Skimmed
Milk Semi-Skimmed
Milk Skimmed
Milk Whole
Sunflower Spread
Yoghurt Greek
Yoghurt Low Fat Fruit Mixed
Yoghurt Natural Low Fat
Yoghurt Natural Set Low Fat