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What's in season - April

Spring is in the air now and that means excellent salads and fruit. However, there are exceptions. Yellow Honeydew Melons can be difficult, as the Brazilian crop comes to a close and is replaced by Spanish varieties. Most Melons also have low sugar levels at this time of year, and pricing can be high. Our recommendations are Brazilian Cantalina Melons - a delicious orange-fleshed melon with a unique, strong flavour. The Israeli Galia season will soon be replaced by Spanish arrivals.

Packhams Triumph Pears are excellent now, whilst Williams are coming to an end. The European varieties of apple are poor quality as by now they will have been sat in storage for 5 months. Papayas are very good now, and taste superb when sprinkled with Lime Juice. Also new season Quinces have arrived - and they are quite large this year!

Asparagus should have been at one of its peaks this month, however it is late starting because of the weather. The best value usually comes from the Spanish varieties (though these have not started yet) and best quality comes from the English. Thai Asparagus Tips and Dutch White Asparagus (deriving its white colour by being deprived of light during growing) are also a tasty addition to your menu.
New season Dutch Aubergines and Bell Peppers fall in price during April, and are very good quality. Also Orange and White fleshed Sweet Potatoes from America are recommended for alternative menu choices. The elegant French Globe Artichokes should arrive towards the end of the month and they are usually keenly priced. Spinach, Chard, Kale and Leeks are all ending at this time.

This is a difficult time for Onions, with the Spanish variety best avoided. English or Chilean varieties will be more stable and better quality. Most salad prices will be coming down now that Easter is over.
It can also be a bad time for Apples - with most varieties moving up in price. French apples should be avoided this month as the goods on sale will be the tail end of the season's crop, whilst Chilean Granny Smiths are at their best. South African Cape apples will be starting this month and Cape Golden Delicious are already in stock.

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