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What's in season - December

The Spanish season is now in full swing, with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Iceberg Lettuce and Peppers all plentiful. However, as the Dutch season is now almost over, the Spanish will have control of the market and we could therefore see quite widespread fluctuation in prices over the coming month. Fancy Lettuce, e.g. Oak, Lollo, Radiccio and Curly Endive can increase in price, but this is normal for the season. (We change to French supply as English quality is poor at this time of year).

Tasty Italian Scraping Potatoes are here now, and don't forget to add to your prepared order our succulent Sprouts - we supply them trimmed and ready for cooking: a great time saver and very affordable - as are our superb Pre-Cooked Chestnuts.

Don't forget the super-sweet orange flesh of Cantaloupe or Charentais Melons for that added colour with fruit. The only Christmas orange to have are the Spanish Navel Oranges - they are thin-skinned and always full of juice. Spanish Leafy Clementines have the best flavour of all, and are ideal for decorating the fruit bowl. Cape Peaches are also now here, with Nectarines to follow shortly.

Quinces are richly fragrant and full of flavour - they make a marvellous sauce for your pork dishes. Also Quince Jelly is superb with cheese, as are Chinese Nashi Pears - just so delicious with a flavour and texture that really complements the cheese board. English Cox and French Pink Lady apples have so much flavour at this time of year - you can't beat the fresh new season produce that we stock.

Berries like Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and also Redcurrants will all be good quality throughout the coming months as we will only be sourcing Class 1 goods as always. However they usually maintain high prices over the season. Strawberries will soon be Carmel Strawberries as these are the best quality at this time of year - keep in mind that these are likely to be smaller than normal.

Finally, single and two portion Galia Melons will be in huge demand and are often in short supply, so please give us plenty of warning with your requirements.


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