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What's in season - June

Fruit continues to become more plentiful moving into the summer, with Spanish Apricots as well as Nectarines and Yellow Fleshed Peaches leading the way. Melons are getting better too, with sugar levels higher than before in Spanish Galia and Yellow Melons, and don't forget the orange flesh of the Canteloupe and the wonderful, nearly seedless Watermelon that has red flesh and a sweet taste.

Most of the berry and currant varieties will be coming down in price now and should be an affordable summer pudding favourite.

Vegetables are still quite tricky at this time of year as the seasons change. In particular, you should avoid Parsnips and Swede in your menu, as they become very expensive and quality is not assured. We will also be coming to a close towards the end of the month of English Asparagus, so expect an increase in price.

Local Spinach, Roquette and Mizuna crops should be good right now and at relatively low prices so it's time to jazz up your salads. Summer herbs should also be at their best, with fragrant Green and Thai basil available to add aroma and freshness to salads and other dishes.


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