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What's in season - May

We start with Potatoes - Jersey Mids and Jersey Ware come down in price at this time whilst also improving in quality. However, standard Bakers and Ware are always at peak prices as the old crops kept in storage end and the new season begins.

Peaches, Nectarines, Red Cherries and Apricots will all be arriving at the markets this month, as will good quality Spanish Galia, French Charentais and Canteloupe Melons. Apples are by now excellent, with Chilean Granny Smiths, Royal Gala, Braeburns and Top Red being plentiful.

On the vegetable side, the old crop of Carrots are finished now, and we have changed over to new crop French and Italian. At this time of year, Parsnips, Swedes and Turnips are all best avoided but are still available from Spain at a price. Courgettes are improving in quality, especially Yellow Courgettes which are imported from Holland. For Chinese dishes, Pak Choi and Chinese Leaves are currently at their best. As for Leeks, a new Spanish crop will shortly be replacing the English - which should bring an end to the recent woody tendency of local produce.

English Asparagus is excellent at the moment, but be ready for the season to come to a close towards the end of the month. White Asparagus should be available as we approach June.

Fresh Peas in or out of the pod, as well as Broad Beans and Runner Beans will be arriving from Spain, and now is the time to eat them whilst they are at their most tender - before they become too large and lose their sweetness.

Salads will continue to improve, with local Iceberg arriving this month with a full range of exotic lettuces grown at our local farm and cut for us daily. Also from our local farm, we have a selection of baby vegetables just starting their season.

As there is more sunshine now, Dutch Salad Tomatoes will improve in flavour, and Cucumbers should come down in price as the second Dutch harvest begins. Red and Yellow Pepper prices usually come down towards the end of this month too.


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