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What's in season - November

Cauliflowers by now are usually safe to put back on the menu - as they should be plentiful and down in price. Other members of the brassica family such as the Italian lime green Romanesco and Purple Sprouting Broccoli just start to show themselves in the London Markets at this time, so availability is somewhat unstable at the moment.

New season Runner Beans from Zimbabwe, Portuguese Hispi Cabbage, Peruvian Asparagus, Dutch Sprouts, Spanish Aubergines, and of course English Brussel Tops all form part of our now famous Worldwide Selection of fresh vegetables.

The Spanish season is now underway, with the start of the first real sweet and juicy Satsumas (the only true seedless tangerine) and the flavoursome Leafy Clementines. The Spanish Navel Oranges - everyone's favourite orange for the Christmas Season - will be with us by the end of the month.

Dutch Strawberries are very good for this time of the year, and sensibly priced, but other berries remain expensive, please ask our sales team for the price when placing your order. Good quality Seedless Grapes are hard to find at this time of year, but our expert buyers and in house quality controllers make sure that only the best reaches our customers.

Now is the time to buy Sharon Fruit from Israel and Italian Kaki. Bright fresh American Cranberries are also now in season - do not miss out on this super seasonal fruit.

Chestnuts are super quality this year, also available are the cooked chestnuts in 500g packs, ideal for making stuffing.

Give Peaches and Nectarines a miss for a while, they do not eat very well this at time of year. In a month or so the first of the new season South African varieties will be here, just in time for Christmas.


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