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What's in season - October

October is the start of the 'true winter season', with all the root crops at their best. Parsnips, Carrots, Swede and Turnips are young, tender and full of flavour. English Cauliflowers can be in short supply, and can remain on the expensive side. For an alternative, Savoy Cabbage, tasty winter Leeks and new season Brussel Sprouts are all plentiful.

South America produced a second crop of Asparagus last year which was excellent quality and reasonably priced, and don't forget Red Cabbage, new season Raw Beetroot, or orange fleshed Sweet Potatoes if you are looking for that extra colour.

For something a little different, try Jerusalem Artichokes, Celariac or Salsify, and use Pickling Onions instead of Baby Onions. Pumpkin is available (don't forget Halloween is this month). However, for cooking many prefer Butternut Squash. Down in price are Jacket Potatoes as it has been a good growing year, and the quality is excellent. Chestnuts and Wet Walnuts are also now available.

Best avoided are Peas, Broad Beans and Runner Beans as they have come to the end of their season. Also Sweetcorn will not be as tender and tasty as it was in September.

Turkish fresh Figs are at their best just now, as are English Cox's Apples, Conference Pears and Pomegranates. Good quality seedless grapes are hard to find, but the seeded Red Globe and Italia White grapes are large and delicious. English Plums have finished now, and Italian Angerlinos have taken their place.

The English and Dutch salad season will be coming to a close by the end of the month, with Spain and the Canary Islands taking their place.

As ever, we will change over as soon as possible to ensure that our quality is at its best at all times.


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